How To Guide to the British Columbia Angling, Hunting, and Trapping Website

In October of 2011 the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations launched the BC Angling, Hunting, and Trapping Public Engagement Website (AHTE) in an attempt to solicit public opinion on proposed changes to angling, hunting, and trapping regulations. For more information on why the site was created please visit the AHTE Frequently Asked Questions.

Using the site:

Anybody with internet access can enter the site and view the proposed regulation changes for the province. However, if a person wishes to take full advantage of the site and post comments regarding a specific proposal they are first required to create an account.

Create an Account:

  1. Click on the “login/new user” tab in the top right corner of the screen. The “User Account” screen will then appear. On the top of the “User Account” screen there are three tabs: “Create new account”, “Log in”, and “Request new password”. To create an account click on the “Create new account” tab.
  2. The “Create new account” screen is fairly self explanatory. Users are required to enter all of the required fields (indicated by a red *).
    • Username: This can be any name you want to refer to yourself on the site. Ensure that you remember your username  in order to log back into the site later.
    • Email address:Enter your email address. There is only one account permitted per email address.
    • Full Name:Enter your name.
    • City:Enter your city of residence.
    • Organization: Enter any organizations you are a member of or are affiliated with. If you are not a member of, or are not affiliated with, any organizations check the “non-affiliated” box.  If your organization is not listed in the options check “other” and a space will appear for you to enter your organization.
    • Do You Want To Receive Notifications?: If you check this box be aware that there will be an email sent to your email address whenever a new regulation is posted or a current regulation is updated.  Be aware that from September to December each year this can be hundreds of emails. If you do not wish to receive notifications for each regulation change, but are interested in specific regulations, there is an option to only receive notifications for regulation proposals you are interested in. This is explained in the “Post a Comment” section later.
    • Allow the Government to Send you Emails:If you are willing to put your email into a system where Fish and Wildlife staff can send you electronic surveys in the future check this box. Checking this box will also result in emails sent to your inbox when regulations are posted or updated. If you do not want to receive notifications for each regulation change, but are interested in one, or a few, specific regulations, there is a way to only receive notifications for the regulation proposals you are interested in. This is explained in the “Post a Comment” section later.
    • Terms of Use:Read the terms of use
    • CAPTCHA:Enter the blurred or altered text in the box below. This is to ensure that automated software cannot create an account.
    • Create New Account: Click on this box to register your account. At this point your temporary password and further instructions have been sent to your email account.

Editing an Account: Once you have created an account a temporary password will be emailed to your inbox. Use this temporary password to log in to your account for the first time. Once you have logged in it is advisable to change your password to whatever you choose.

To change your password: Click on “Log in/New user” at the top right corner, then click on the “Edit” tab (next to “View”). The screen that appears will give you the option to change your password.

To change your Profile:  If you wish to change any of the information in your account, or wish to unsubscribe to email notifications click on the “Profile” (at the top, next to “Account”). In the “Profile” page you have the option to change the name you entered, the city, your organization, or your email notification request.

Post a Comment: Comments can only be posted by registered users of the site. If you have not registered refer to the “Creating an Account” section above. Once a user is registered, they can log onto the site using their username and password.

If there is a regulation proposal of interest to you, and you wish to post a comment, click on the regulation of interest. If you are logged in there will be a comment box at the bottom of the regulation proposal. If you are not logged in the comment box will not appear and you will have to log in before commenting.

In the comment area there is an area to post a subject, which is a summary of your comment, and an area to post your comment. The subject field is not mandatory, although it may help Ministry staff in sorting comments. The comment box is the area where registered users can post their comments. Once the comment has been written it can be either “previewed”, which allows users to preview their comment, or “saved”, which saves the comment to the website where it can be reviewed by Ministry staff.  If you choose to “preview” your comment ensure that you click on “Saved” in order for the comment to be submitted.

Notification of Regulations you Choose to Follow
If you wish to receive email notifications for a specific regulation proposal, you may click on the “Follow” button on the bottom of the regulation proposal screen. This option is for users that do not want to receive email notifications for every proposal in the province.

Registered users may view their own comments on the website, but are not able to view the comments posted by other users.

No Response
There will be no Ministry response to comments posted on the website.  Also note there will be no response to comments on regulation proposals sent via the Fish and Wildlife Email address.

Thank you for your interest in the Angling, Hunting, and Trapping Public Engagement Website.