Amend season dates and bag limit for Wolves

Proposal Number: 
Region 7B - Peace
Regulation Type: 
General Open Season
Closing Date: 
Jan 31, 2016
Decision Statement: 

This proposal has been deferred pending further consultation.

Current Regulations: 

7-19 to 7-22, 7-31 to 7-36, 7-42 to 7-58                    

Aug 15 – Mar 31 and Apr 1-June 15

Bag limit 3


Proposed Regulations: 

7-19 to 7-22, 7-31 to 7-36, 7-42 to 7-58  

No Closed Season; No bag limit


Verbal reports from many stakeholders and First Nations in the Peace region suggest that the wolf population in the Northeast appears to be very high, relative to levels in recent history. Increased wolf populations can have negative impacts on wild ungulates as well as cattle. This proposal is a component of a broader predator management strategy in the Northeast, which will be developed.

Wolves are an abundant predator species in BC.  They are generally an elusive species which are not often encountered by hunters and as such are not harvested heavily.   Total harvest of wolves in the Peace Region (trapping and hunting) has averaged approximately 275 wolves annually from 2000-2010 which equates to a harvest rate of approximately 14% using a conservative population estimate of 2000 wolves for the Peace Region (Draft Provincial Wolf Management Plan).  The current harvest rate is well below sustainable harvest rates for wolves which have been calculated to be upwards of 30% (Fuller et al. 2003).