Adjust Mountain Goat Hunting Closures within the Driftwood, Mitchell, and Blanchet Ranges

Regulation Number: 
Region 7A - Omineca
Regulation Type: 
General Open Season
Limited Entry Hunting
Mountain Goat
Closing Date: 
January 19, 2020 at midnight
Decision Statement: 

This regulation was approved as proposed and is included in the 2020-2022 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis.

Current Regulations: 

Hunting Mountain Goat is currently prohibited in the Driftwood, Blanchet, and Mitchell Mountain Ranges.

Proposed Regulations: 

Extend closure boundaries to the valley bottom


The current goat closure area was based on survey results finding low adult goat numbers in each of the ranges (fewer than 35 goats in each herd). This finding was confirmed in a follow-up survey of the Mitchell Range and Mt Blanchet in 2018. The boundaries of the current closure covers all the current goat range in the areas of concern and align with survey boundaries, however concerns have been expressed regarding locating these boundaries in the field.

The adjustment has been requested to provide hunters with better ability to locate the closure boundaries in the field.

Additional Information: