Close Mountain Goat Limited Entry Hunting Season in MU 4-17, Zone C

Regulation Number: 
Region 4 - Kootenay
Regulation Type: 
Limited Entry Hunting
Mountain goat
Closing Date: 
January 23, 2022 at midnight
Decision Statement: 


Current Regulations: 

There is currently a Sept. 10 to Nov. 30 Limited Entry Hunt (LEH) for goats in Zone C of MU 4-17. There have been 1 to 2 authorizations available for this zone per year since 2016.

Proposed Regulations: 

Close the LEH for mountain goats in Zone C of 4-17 (Passmore).


The Passmore mountain goat herd has declined from a population estimate of 50 in 2009 to approximately 20 in 2019. This mountain goat population is isolated with the nearest herd approximately 25 km to the north (4-17B). This herd was translocated to the area in the late 1980s and not hunted prior to 2009 when resident hunters requested that this herd be open to Limited Entry Hunting (LEH). From 2009-2019 harvest has been 1.2 per year or 2.4% harvest rate based on a population estimate of 50 goats. However, over the last 3 years the harvest rate is closer to 5% if a population estimate of 20 is used. This mountain goat herd is also quite accessible to hunting.  Harvest has been males except for 2019 when 2 adult females were harvested. There has been no reported harvest since 2019. This female harvest in 2019, along with declining population, has prompted the proposal to close the LEH season until the population recovers to at least 50 – 60 mountain goats.