Create Mountain Goat LEH Opportunity in Yash-Yedhe

Regulation Number: 
Region 7B - Peace
Regulation Type: 
Limited Entry Hunting
Mountain Goat
Closing Date: 
January 19, 2020 at midnight
Decision Statement: 

This regulation was approved as proposed and is included in the 2020-2022 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis.

Current Regulations: 

There is no LEH opportunity for Mountain Goat in this area

Proposed Regulations: 

Yash-Yedhe    7-51     Aug 25 – Oct 15         Adult


Currently, there is a hunting closure for the Yash-Yedhe area (WMU 7-51) but results from the latest inventory suggest that the population can sustain a conservative harvest that is best managed through LEH. The recent population estimate of 208 mountain goats is well above the minimum threshold for hunted populations (> 50 adult goats) as per the BC Mountain Goat Harvest Procedures.

This population is at a level that can sustain licensed harvest pressure, particularly with a 2% harvest rate applied (target harvest of four (4) goats each year), which will be reassessed in the following 3–5 years post-implementation.

Opening of an LEH season would provide a hunting opportunity that would be highly sought-after by licensed hunters.  Establishing a closely controlled and monitored hunt would pose little conservation concern to the population.

Additional Information: