Moose Hunting Boundary Clarification for the North Skeena

Regulation Number: 
Region 6 - Skeena
Regulation Type: 
General Open Season
Limited Entry Hunting
Closing Date: 
January 19, 2020 at midnight
Decision Statement: 

This regulation was approved as proposed and is included in the 2020-2022 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis.

Current Regulations: 

Bull moose hunting in portions of the North Skeena are restricted to spike-fork, tri-palm, or 10 point (SOFT 10) antler configuration only. The boundaries of these seasons were put in place in 2018, and generally follow geographical features (i.e. height of land, contours, etc.), or follow buffers off of river/road ways.

Proposed Regulations: 

The bull moose seasons are not proposed to change, but the boundaries are proposed to be amended to make them easier to located in the field.

Liard River West:

Add 5km buffer from high water mark on the West side of the Liard River to the Yukon border. This would ensure boundary consistency with the current regulation as well as limiting enforcement issues.

Dease Lake:

Amend a portion of the boundary to follow the 1000m contour on the South end of Dease Lake to connect to Five Creek. Following Five Creek drainage to Dease Lake, running up the middle of the lake and connecting with Half Moon Creek on the East side of Highway 37. Both creeks are named and identifiable in BC Roadmap books.

Wheeler Lake:

Amend portion of boundary to follow a 2km buffer from high water mark around Wheeler lake, reconnecting with current boundary.


Anecdotal hunter reports and COS feedback suggested there was lack of clarity when it came to interpreting the maps associated with the moose antler restricted season areas (MU’s 6-22, 6-23, 6-24, Map F50, Page 71 of the 2018-2020 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis). This proposal aims to clarify some of those discrepancies. The proposed change would result in a small increase of the area of antler restriction but should reduce difficulties in interpreting the regulation by hunters.

Additional Information: 

Click here for map of Dease Lake, Click here for a map of Liard River West, Click here for a map of Wheeler Lake