No Hunting Zone – Highway 3 - Loop Bridge to Alexander Bridge

Regulation Number: 
Region 4 - Kootenay
Regulation Type: 
General Open Season
All species
Closing Date: 
January 23, 2022 at midnight
Decision Statement: 


Current Regulations: 

There is no 400m No Hunting closure adjacent to highway 3 between the Loop Bridge and the Alexander Bridge.

Proposed Regulations: 

No hunting zone within 400m of the centre line of highway 3 between Loop Bridge and Alexander Bridge. Total road length approx. 4km.

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On highway 3, between the Loop Bride and the Alexander Bridge, is a wildlife crossing structure that is fenced to funnel animals towards the structure. This structure is in place to benefit wildlife populations by reducing road mortality, and for public safety. Animals may be concentrated in these areas adjacent to highway corridors that are specifically mitigated for wildlife. Additional protection for wildlife in these areas is beneficial as they may be more vulnerable to harvest since their movements may be restricted and will be funneled to certain areas, and may negatively affect animal use of these structures