Detailed Summary Report

Assessment Report: 17625

Property Name Paradigm
NAD 83
56° 35' 59.00'' N, 130° 34' 07.00'' W
56.599722, -130.568611
UTM: Easting 403694, Northing 6273931, Zone 9 (North)
NAD 27
56° 35' 59.40'' N, 130° 34' 01.12'' W
56.599834, -130.566977
UTM: Easting 403791, Northing 6273728, Zone 9 (North)
NTS 104B10E
BCGS 104B058
Mining Divisions Skeena
Mining Camp Stewart Camp
Title Geophysical Report on the Paradigm Claims
Report Year 1988
Number of Pages 30
Statements of Work 0000056
Affidavit Date 1988-04-28
Off Confidential 1989-04-28
Claims Paradigm 1-2
General Work Categories Geophysical
Operators Cremonese, Dino M.
Owners Pepperdine, C.
Authors Woods, Dennis V.
Hermary, R.G.
MINFILE Nos 104B 007
Commodities Gold
Work Done
Geophysical Electromagnetic, airborne VLF; 27.0 km; No. of maps: 2; Scale(s): 1:10 000
Magnetic, airborne 27.0 km; No. of maps: 1; Scale(s): 1:10 000
Related Report(s)
File(s) 17625a.pdf
Geological Summary
The Paradigm 1-2 claims are underlain by three distinct north trending geological units. The Unuk River Formation consisting of green, red and purple volcanic breccias, conglomerates, sandstones and siltstones east of Harrymel Creek; Upper Triassic Takla Group(?) sedimentary siltstone, sandstone, conglomerate and limestone west of Harrymel Creek, and; Upper Triassic and younger(?) plutonic rocks of hornblende quartz diorite forming the high ridges on the west side of the property. Pleistocene and recent basalt flows from the Cinder Mountain volcanic centre to the southwest of the property are also found in a limited area on the valley floor of the ablating Copper King Glacier. The structure of the property is dominated by north- east trending synclinal formations to the northeast and north trending faults on the west side of Harrymel Creek.