Detailed Summary Report

Assessment Report: 17981

Property Name Moon
NAD 83
49° 49' 59.00'' N, 125° 29' 05.00'' W
49.833056, -125.484722
UTM: Easting 321321, Northing 5523031, Zone 10 (North)
NAD 27
49° 49' 59.41'' N, 125° 29' 00.54'' W
49.833170, -125.483485
UTM: Easting 321404, Northing 5522822, Zone 10 (North)
NTS 092F14W
BCGS 092F083
Mining Divisions Nanaimo
Mining Camp
Title Prospecting Report on the Moon Claim
Report Year 1988
Number of Pages 30
Statements of Work 0000095
Affidavit Date 1988-09-19
Off Confidential 1989-09-19
Claims Moon
General Work Categories Geochemical, Physical, Prospecting
Operators Neill, R.A.
Owners Neill, R.A.
Neill, R.W.
Carruthers, E.
Authors Neill, R.A.
MINFILE Nos 092F 509
Commodities Copper, Gold
Work Done
Geochemical Rock 18 sample(s)
Elements Analyzed For Gold
Soil 14 sample(s)
Elements Analyzed For Gold
Physical Line/grid 5.0 km; No. of maps: 1; Scale(s): 1:5000
Prospecting Prospecting 25.0 ha; No. of maps: 1; Scale(s): 1:5000
Keywords Breccias, Karmutsen Formation, Nanaimo Group, Sediments, Sulphides, Unconformity, Volcanics
Related Report(s) 16686, 15424, 13935
File(s) 17981.pdf
Geological Summary
The property is underlain by Karmutsen volcanics to the west and overlain by Nanaimo Group sediments to the east. The region of unconformity is of particular interest. It consists of amygoaloidal cobbles in a chloritic matrix composed of sand to gravel sized fragments.