Detailed Summary Report

Assessment Report: 9981

Property Name Beano
NAD 83
49° 59' 59.00'' N, 126° 49' 59.00'' W
49.999722, -126.833056
UTM: Easting 655293, Northing 5540850, Zone 9 (North)
NAD 27
49° 59' 59.46'' N, 126° 49' 54.37'' W
49.999850, -126.831771
UTM: Easting 655390, Northing 5540648, Zone 9 (North)
NTS 092E15W, 092L02W
BCGS 092L006
Mining Divisions Alberni
Mining Camp
Title Metallurgical Test Work on the Beano Claim, Alberni Mining Division
Report Year 1981
Number of Pages 20
Statements of Work n/a
Affidavit Date 1981-11-30
Off Confidential 1982-11-30
Claims BEANO
General Work Categories Geochemical
Operators Billiken Resources Ltd.
Authors Groves, W.D.
Work Done
Geochemical Metallurgic 0 sample(s)
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File(s) 09981.pdf
Geological Summary
Pods of auriferous pyrrhotite inactinolite gangue partly conform with and partly transgress a lime member or lens in a tuff-lime sequence at the base of the easterly dipping Bonanza volcanics. A fine-grained granodiorite tongue invades the tuff-lime band.