Detailed Summary Report

Assessment Report: 16957

Property Name Burnie
NAD 83
56° 35' 05.00'' N, 131° 04' 50.00'' W
56.584722, -131.080556
UTM: Easting 372217, Northing 6273098, Zone 9 (North)
NAD 27
56° 35' 05.43'' N, 131° 04' 44.06'' W
56.584841, -131.078904
UTM: Easting 372314, Northing 6272895, Zone 9 (North)
NTS 104B11E
BCGS 104B055
Mining Divisions Liard
Mining Camp Stewart Camp
Title Report on the Burnie 1-4 and Dan 1-3 Mineral Claims
Report Year 1987
Number of Pages 49
Statements of Work n/a
Affidavit Date 1987-12-03
Off Confidential 1988-12-03
Claims Burnie 1-2, Dan 1-2
General Work Categories Geochemical, Geological
Operators Androne Resources Ltd.
Owners Tuksi Min. and Dev.
Evergold Corp.
Authors McCrossan, Ed
Cavey, George
MINFILE Nos 104B 269
Commodities Gold, Silver
Work Done
Geochemical Rock 139 sample(s)
Elements Analyzed For Silver, Gold, Copper, Lead, Zinc
Silt 54 sample(s)
Elements Analyzed For Silver, Gold, Copper, Lead, Zinc
Soil 281 sample(s); No. of maps: 1; Scale(s): 1:10 000
Elements Analyzed For Silver, Gold
Geological Geological 3175.0 ha; No. of maps: 1; Scale(s): 1:10 000
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File(s) 16957.pdf
Geological Summary
The property is predominantly underlain by marine sediments and volcanics of the Lower-Middle Jurassic Unuk River and Betty Creek Formations. These are intruded by Upper Cretaceous quartz diorites of the Coast Plutonic Complex. Predominant shears are northwest and northeast. Mineralization is associated with silicified fracture or shear zones subjected to varying degrees of calcic, propylitic or argillic alteration.