Detailed Summary Report

Assessment Report: 18199

Property Name TR
NAD 83
56° 34' 59.00'' N, 130° 09' 07.00'' W
56.583056, -130.151944
UTM: Easting 429243, Northing 6271569, Zone 9 (North)
NAD 27
56° 34' 59.38'' N, 130° 09' 01.17'' W
56.583162, -130.150326
UTM: Easting 429340, Northing 6271366, Zone 9 (North)
NTS 104B09E
BCGS 104B060
Mining Divisions Skeena
Mining Camp Stewart Camp
Title Claims Geological, Geochemical and Geophysical Report on the TR Mineral
Report Year 1988
Number of Pages 112
Statements of Work 0000121, 0000122
Affidavit Date 1988-09-30
Off Confidential 1989-09-30
Claims TR 5, TR 8
General Work Categories Geochemical, Geological, Geophysical, Physical
Operators Teuton Resources Corp.
Owners Teuton Resources Corp.
Authors Cremonese, Dino M.
MINFILE Nos 104B 100
Commodities Arsenic, Antimony, Silver, Copper, Gold, Zinc, Lead
Work Done
Geochemical Rock 498 sample(s); No. of maps: 4; Scale(s): 1:200
Elements Analyzed For Gold, Multielement
Soil 439 sample(s); No. of maps: 9; Scale(s): 1:200, 1:500, 1:5000
Elements Analyzed For Gold, Multielement
Geological Photo 1000.0 ha
Geological 65.0 ha; No. of maps: 3; Scale(s): 1:200, 1:2000
Geophysical Magnetic, ground 5.6 km; No. of maps: 1; Scale(s): 1:2000
Physical Line/grid 5.7 km
Trench 26 trench(es); 275.5 m
Keywords Diorites, Galena, Jurassic, Lapilli tuffs, Limestones, Skarns, Sphalerite
Related Report(s) 16841
File(s) 18199a.pdf
Geological Summary
A volcanic-sedimentary sequence, believed to be of Jurassic age, trends northeast and is intruded by a variety of plutons. The volcanics consist of lapilli tuffs; the sediments of limestone, siltstone, mudstone and minor conglomerate. Both are cut by diorite intrusives, in places heavily silicified, and by altered granite. Gold values are associated with skarn-like bands adjacent to a diorite; with sericite altered zones in volcanics, and with pyritized, heavily silicified diorite.