Detailed Summary Report

Assessment Report: 11157

Property Name Al
NAD 83
57° 27' 41.00'' N, 127° 23' 00.00'' W
57.461389, -127.383333
UTM: Easting 596985, Northing 6369901, Zone 9 (North)
NAD 27
57° 27' 41.21'' N, 127° 22' 54.40'' W
57.461446, -127.381778
UTM: Easting 597082, Northing 6369698, Zone 9 (North)
NTS 094E06W
BCGS 094E044
Mining Divisions Liard
Mining Camp
Title Diamond Drilling, Geochemical and Physical Report on the Al 1 Claims (Fiji-83 Group) north of Metsantan Lake, Liard Mining Division
Report Year 1982
Number of Pages 269
Statements of Work n/a
Affidavit Date 1983-06-13
Off Confidential 1984-06-13
Claims AL
General Work Categories Drilling, Geochemical, Physical
Operators Kidd Creek Mines Ltd.
Authors Sutherland, I.G.
MINFILE Nos 094E 070
Work Done
Drilling Diamond surface 0 hole(s); 0.0 m
Geochemical Rock 0 sample(s)
Sampling/assaying 0 sample(s)
Soil 0 sample(s)
Physical Trench 0 trench(es); 0.0 m
Related Report(s) 10709
File(s) 11157a.pdf
Geological Summary
The underlying rocks are primarily andesitic crystal/lapilli tuffs, tuff breccias, flows and associated hypabyssal phases of the Toodoggone volcanics (Jurassic). Trenching and drilling exposed gold values in strongly silicified and moderately pyritized zones containing barite and flanked by argillic alteration.